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Fintech is consolidating itself as a global reference in the suppliance of technology, custody, and safety for digital assets; Parfin has already established partnerships with large companies in the crypto market, such as the portfolio MetaMask Institucional, from the giant ConsenSys

São Paulo, June 1st, 2022 – Parfin, a fintech that connects institutional investors to the crypto market, expands its business and announces a new partnership. This time, it has agreed with Vórtx QR Tokenizadora, the first tokenized asset trading platform regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). Parfin enters the business to offer high safety for the custody of digital securities, based on its MPC (Multiparty Computation) technology - considered the most modern, safe, and innovative in the market.

"We are happy with this new partnership because we believe that the tokenization of financial assets will bring great efficiency to the market and, at the same time, open new opportunities," comments Marcos Viriato, Parfin's CEO. "Vórtx QR Tokenizadora, besides being a pioneer in the transformation of the industry, sought cutting-edge technology to obtain safety in its business from Parfin's MPC custody solution," he says.

Currently, Parfin has stood out as a global reference in the crypto safety and custody segment, and has also been consolidating itself in offering technology solutions for Web3, from tokenization of financial and non-financial assets, as well as NFTs and support for play-to-earn platforms. In addition to the partnership with Vórtx QR Tokenizadora, the fintech has closed different deals with large companies. They are the MetaMask Institucional portfolio, the giant ConsenSys, which gives native and safe access to the main DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols; the Danish Sepior, which specializes in encryption solutions for complex systems; and, also, the North American Anjuna Confidential Cloud.

"Investments in research and development of blockchain solutions, along with our science team, with two PhDs in cryptography, are a differentiator for Parfin" comments Alex Buelau, CTO of Parfin. "We are launching technologies that are ahead of the market and we will have important news in the upcoming months," he adds.

Below there is information about each partnership.


In April of this year, Parfin stood out in the global market by closing a strategic partnership with MetaMask Institutional (MMI) – the MetaMask portfolio created by ConsenSys, a leader in Ethereum software and decentralized protocols. With the agreement, Parfin now guarantees institutional investors access to decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) with the highest level of safety.

It is worth noting that MetaMask reaches more than 30 million active users worldwide, and Brazil is among the top five countries in this regard. With the partnership, Parfin also emerged as the first company in Latin America to team up with MetaMask Institucional.


In May, through a partnership with Anjuna Confidential Cloud, Parfin announced that it will use technology in its custody platform that creates a new layer of safety to isolate customer data (including cryptographic keys) from third-party access-including Amazon and Microsoft cloud services employees.

"The solution is very important because using digital assets in a blockchain does not prevent the keys that grant ownership of cryptos from being exposed," comments Alex Buelau CTO of Parfin. "Hackers can therefore perform some password theft to try to divert assets from the portfolios. Therefore, the industry needs to move to eliminate this gap," he says.


In 2021, Parfin also entered into a partnership with Sepior, a Danish company that specializes in encryption solutions for complex systems – MPC technology. The agreement made it possible to offer on a global scale a custody solution that can either be used as an external service or be "plugged" into the customer's interface - that is, integrated into their software or application.

This tool targets traditional financial institutions, such as banks, investment managers, and multi-market trusts, and big players in the crypto-active ecosystem, such as trading platforms, managers, and digital wallet providers for custody.


In December 2021, Parfin held an investment round and raised R$34 million. The amount is being used to expand the team, especially in hiring for the technology area. Led by the global venture capital trust Valor Capital Group. With participation from the Brazilian trust Alexia Ventures, the investment was an extension of the round held in March 2021, when the company received R$8 million to leverage its operation.

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