Permissioned, EVM-compatible Layer 0 blockchain ecosystem

Get your financial institution on web3 rails with total security, full privacy and advanced interoperability.

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The challenges of institutions to use public blockchains

Each country has its own regulation, which restricts use cases.
Anyone can use it without identification and generate anonymous transactions.
There is no privacy, as all transactions and data are public.

Parfin's solution

The creation of Parchain: Permissioned, EVM-compatible Layer 0 blockchain ecosystem.
Your financial institution will have access to:
Private, permissioned and integrated blockchains
Secure bridges to transfer tokens between any blockchain in the ecosystem and public blockchains
System that guarantees valid KYC for users of the blockchain ecosystem
Consultancy for carrying out and developing web3 projects
Simple and secure interoperability
Full privacy
Native KYC solution
Permissioned network

The standard of blockchains for institutional use

Layer 0

Connect layer 1 blockchains to offer secure and efficient interoperability. Parchain is here!

Layer 1

Base network that processes transactions without the need for another network. Example: Ethereum

Layer 2

Developed from Layer 1 with the aim of increasing scalability. Example: Polygon


Parchain in practice

Parchain is flexible and adaptable to the needs of your institution. Check out the most requested use cases by the market:


Tokenizing assets demands a platform that offers complete confidentiality, and traceability of transactions in accordance with legal requirements and meets local regulatory obligations. Discover how Parchain provides unparalleled security, compliance, and privacy to an expanding market.

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DeFi Permissionada

Parchain was developed to transform decentralized finance and automate the lending process of any tokenized asset in a secure and private environment for transactions between KYC-validated accounts. With Parchain, you can create a secure and efficient DeFi protocol.

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