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The guide for digital assets business journeys.

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Our history

Parfin was born from the belief that digital assets would revolutionize the world in a similar way to what the internet had done in the 90s.

What they call the web3 revolution, for us, is evolution. That's how, in 2019, a trio of entrepreneurs saw a paradigm shift, but institutions were not prepared and would need infrastructure for this transition.

And thus, we became protagonists of the new reality of the financial system.

We have the vision that it is possible to open new possibilities, new business models, new sources of profit. To have a positive impact on people's way of living, interacting with money, and conducting financial operations.


We are at the forefront of technological innovation and believe in a more open, bold, and innovative market.

We want you and your company to also take advantage of the new opportunities that arise.

We are guides on the journey of digital assets.
For those who are just getting started.

We are accelerators of potential.
For those in a hurry.​

We are infrastructure partners.
For those who want to explore together.​

We are Parfin.

Our Investors

Our founders

Seasoned tech-savvy founders with TradFi & Crypto backgrounds

Alex | CPTO

Engineering Degree

20+ years in software

crypto entrepreneur since 2013

Angel Investor

Marcos | CEO

Engineering Degree

20+ years in finance

ex-partner at BTG Pactual

Angel Investor

Cristian | CSO

Engineering Degree

10+ years in investment banking

portfolio management


Our advisors

Deep subject matter experts​

Dr. Yevgeniy Dodis

PhD, Cryptography and Computer Security​

Dr. David Galindo​

PhD, Cryptography​

Our Team

World-class talents immersed in technology, finance, and compliance​

Bruno Cavalin

Chief Commercial Officer

CH Lopes

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Cochoni

Head of Legal & Compliance

Ricardo Santos

Head of Tech

Flavio Gaeta

Head of IT Operations

Bruno Reis

Head of Programme

Beatriz Fernandes

Business Manager

Mario Yaksetig​

Head of Research​

Peter Bidewell​

Head of Product | Parchain​

We are a team of over 70 highly skilled and dedicated individuals. We are Parfiners!

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Crypto as a Service

API and web solution that allows you to operate cryptocurrency brokerage services

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MPC Custody

Digital asset custody built with the most secure and advanced MPC technology

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