Crypto as a Service

Offer crypto assets in a secure and scalable way

Crypto as a Service (CaaS) is an API and web solution that enables crypto asset brokerage services with complete management of the operations cycle. Offer your clients access to crypto assets through a secure and scalable platform with institutional controls.

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Main Services

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

Achieve best execution 95% of the time compared to a single exchange.

and many more

Deposit and Withdrawal

Automate and control end-user crypto & fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Provide guaranteed price execution with robust slippage controls.

Virtual Accounts

Manage clients and control operations through a robust virtual account system.

MPC Custody

Secure and scalable MPC custody integrated into the solution, allowing the unlimited creation of digital wallets for clients and treasury management.

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Parfin Terminal

The CaaS solution is integrated with the Parfin Terminal, which provides all the tools you need for crypto asset management.

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Choose your Working Format

The Parfin CaaS solution is offered in two formats:

Full Service

Our team of experts manages the operation for you, using the best market practices.

Technology Only

We offer the platform as software-as-a-service and you manage the entire operation. You will need to open accounts with respective liquidity providers and banks.

With Crypto as a Service your company can do much more

Implementation flexibility

Build your application using our APIs or use our white-label solution for quick entry into the market. We support you on your journey to build a cryptocurrency business.

Reduce operational costs

Scale your brokerage operations through our platform, with operational flow automation, treasury management tools, streamlined reports, and other functionalities.

Institutional standard

The Parfin platform is designed for institutional investors, featuring high standards of security, governance, and scalability. We’ve been granted the SOC 2 Type II certification by E&Y and follow the strictest international compliance practices, and the platform is built using APIs, microservices, and fully cloud-native technology.

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Who benefits from our solution

Crypto as a Service is designed for institutions that want to offer crypto assets to their end-clients in a simple, secure, and streamlined manner.

Trading Desks
Fund Managers
OTC Desks

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