Parfin Terminal

All digital asset management tools on a single platform

Parfin Terminal enables connection to the global crypto ecosystem, simplifies management and operational activities with digital assets, and brings a high level of security and governance.
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Main Features

Treasury management

Manage your treasury and transfer digital asset trading between brokerages, external custodians and Parfin custody in a secure and integrated way.

Connection to the crypto ecosystem

Parfin connects itself to more than 20 crypto counterparties around the world, allowing to consolidate its positions, in addition to transferring and trading crypto, through an interface.

Governance and Security

Define operational flows and customizable approval levels on a platform with multiple users and different profiles.

Report Suite

Simplify your operational control with standardized reports and information.

With Parfin Terminal your company can do more


Scale your operation with simplified and secure processes.


It is not necessary to allocate resources in the development of its own management platform.


Real-time conference of balances and operations of all connected crypto counterparties.

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Who benefits from our solution

Parfin Terminal is made for institutions that want to make their asset management and trading desk routine easier.
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Trading Desks

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Titanium and Parfin

Understand how Parfin Terminal delivers operational efficiency, agility and results in Titanium Asset's crypto fund management.
Check out the full case.
Eduardo Zanuzzo
Founding partner of Titanium Asset

Today, Parfin is not just a system, it is a partner that we have here. Back then, we had the understanding that Parfin would be very valuable for the cryptocurrency market and, mainly, for crypto asset funds

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