Parfin Data Reporting Center 

Have a 360-degree view of your operation

The Parfin Data Reporting Center is the main solution for generating and unifying data for the entire digital assets operation. It reduces manual work, improves operational efficiency and minimizes human error.

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Automation, speed and security

Each counterpart has specific standards and nomenclatures, which makes manual compilation and data standardization more complex, consumes energy and is prone to error. With the Parfin Data Reporting Center, your company has access to all of your operation’s data in standardized form, ready for export and interaction with your system.

Multiple counterparty data in one place

Eliminate data inconsistencies with automation

All data exported easily

Connectivity via API

Operational efficiency

Data integrity and compliance

Rapid data generation and integration

With a few clicks your company has a full overview of the entire operation. You gain time and save money.

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