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This powerful tool empowers you to define approval policies and workflows that govern every aspect of your company's transactions.

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Control, security and efficiency

Parfin's governance system empowers you to define multiple approval flows tailored to your needs.

Access control

Each user plays a specific role within the platform, according to their assigned level.

Management and approval group flows

Manage user groups responsible for approving different governance flows and configure specific approval flows according to your needs.

Whitelist creation

Within the platform, it's possible to register previously approved/authorized addresses to grant specific permissions or privileges. This practice is used as a security measure to control actions involving withdrawals and asset transfers.

Transaction policy definition

Establish flexible rules tailored to your needs. This creates a predictable and secure environment for all parties involved.

Eliminate data inconsistencies with automation

All data exported easily

Connectivity via API

Operational efficiency

Data integrity and compliance

Rapid data generation and integration

With a few clicks your company has a full overview of the entire operation. You gain time and save money.

Use parameters to create approval policies

Transaction Origin

Transaction Destination

Initiating User Type


Amount (in U.S. Dollars) or quantity

A flexible and secure system, where the user can create specific approval flows for every transaction type. This contributes directly to the potential scalability of everyday operations.


Risk management

Visibility and treasury control


Policies for every type of digital asset

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