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We are building the next generation of financial infrastructure.

Parfin was founded in 2019 by Marcos Viriato, Alex Buelau, and Cristian Bohn, a trio of entrepreneurs from diverse sectors who share a unified vision of the future: digital assets and blockchain technology are not mere passing novelties, but revolutionary forces poised to reshape the global financial system in the coming years. Based on this conviction, Parfin aims to develop top-tier institutional-level products that enable financial institutions to navigate the new world of digital assets securely and efficiently.

Parfin's mission is to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology, ensuring that its solutions not only comply with strict regulatory standards but are also scalable according to market demand. Since its inception, Parfin has acted as a catalyst for financial transformation, equipping institutions with the necessary tools for safely exploring the potential of digital assets and blockchain technology. With an approach that combines user-friendliness with the rigor required by the institutional market, the company continues to lead by example, demonstrating how responsible innovation can forge new pathways for the global financial system.

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Executive Leadership

Marcos Viriato

Co-Founder & CEO

Senior banker, early adopter of Bitcoin

Alex Buelau

Co-Founder & CPTO

Crypto OG since 2013. Miner, investor, and blockchain advocate.

Cristian Bohn

Co-Founder & CSO

More than 10 years in the banking sector.

Bruno Cavalin


More than 20 years of selling software to financial institutions.

CH Lopes


More than 20 years’ experience in banking.

Beatriz Fernandes


More than 20 years in the financial market.

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